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Staples is a full scale promotional merchandise agency/division of Staples, a global leader in the promotional merchandise market, and highest ranking distributor on the North American top 40 list. Staples designs solutions that create meaningful connections between some of the best known brands in the world and their target audiences.

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The Canadian promotional marketing industry is approximately 2 billion industry growing by about 2.3% annually. There are approximately 4,500 businesses in this industry spanning from distributors, suppliers, creative agencies, online players and a mix in between.

We knew we wanted to push the experience even beyond e-commerce product shopping experiences.


In recent years emerging technology has enabled a lot of online, digital first business models. The market is seeing more entrants from “online first” businesses shifting into promo. While Staples was one of the first to create a seasonal based catalogue for their client base, print had some obvious caveats: print costs; ineffective conversion tracking; lack of sales continuity; no data to support future catalogues.

It was time to upgrade the experience, and the effectiveness of their catalogues with a focus on customer experience. Recognizing the market trends and their customer needs we worked together to develop the Staples digital catalogue. An online experience that communicates with its customers to find their exact needs instead of traditionally talking at customers through print mediums.


Our process started with stakeholder interviews—a cornerstone of the design process. Talking to the audience segments revealed a lot of interesting opportunities.

We learned that buyers have a broad range of needs (brand managers to exec assist to HR to Bank managers) all with such different needs. With such a variance and so many products so we wanted to curate a collection from trusted suppliers and bridge gap from their needs to the right product based on their objectives.


The new web version of the catalogue satisfied everything that print could not, while delivering a highly personal outcome.

A core feature of the web catalogue was the custom Q&A filtering system that helped customers build personalized product listings based on their needs. The questions were built directly from our stakeholder research. Questions ranged from "What is the product being used for?" to more demographic questions about the audience, such as Millennial, GenZ, or Boomers.

Our platform did need to do some number crunching based on the queries, so we employed a slightly humorous approach to radical transparency while the platform built a custom product list.


We drastically reduced Staples's operational expenditures and re-invested that spend into a capital expenditures investment that was flexible enough to re-use per season and provided actionable data insights that helped to make decisions affecting ROI on the overall strategy.


The catalogue ran for 3 iterations from 2017–2019 and was greatly improved with each iteration. One thing that remained constant was the positive growth. We like to think of this case study as an important example of the power digital can have with transforming models and behaviour.


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