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New Revenue Streams in a Changing Print Industry

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New Revenue streams in a changing print industry.

No. 1

Innovate new service channels

No. 2

Streamline workflow and intake process

No. 3

Lower cost of acquisition

Client Profile

Flash Reproductions has been a mainstay of Toronto’s printing landscape since 1969. Over the years they have developed a reputation as one of Canada’s top printers—priding themselves in being able to complete impossible projects.


The Canadian print industry is a $9bn industry with the heaviest distribution of printers in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. These provinces together account for 83.5% of commercial printers.

In recent years digital printing has been emerging as a fast growing segment within the print industry as the Canadian workforce shifts towards the gig economy and technology continues to evolve.

Flash Reproductions is a company that likes a challenge—if you know them, then you know it's in their DNA.


Seeing these changing trends as a way to leverage technology for growth, Flash made the decision to invest in Konica Minolta KM1. This would position them as an innovative leader in the print marketplace.

At the time Flash was the first shop in Canada to own the KM1, and it’s nearly impossible to distinguish the difference in quality between digital and offset. The printer alone unlocked massive potential for the growing digital print market, but Flash took it a step further—they wanted to make the KM1 available online.

“There is a finite amount of time and resources, so we want to build a system that can build processes in the background and capitalize on investment.”


The goal of Spark was to introduce a new revenue stream via an online portal for print. The platform was specifically designed for those in the design community, which meant that the UX needed to cater to those needs.

During our stakeholder interviews, it became apparent that there was a lot of option bloat in companies such as Moo, or Vistaprint. It was also strongly noted that the user interfaces were far from frictionless.

Spark was designed to parse out the printing experience into smaller experiences that allowed the user to focus on the important decisions at each step.


The new printer opened the opportunity for us to build an automated print order system which would help lower the cost of acquisition and create a new profit centre for Flash Reproductions. Through the design of an easy to use intake and approval platform, Spark was ready to take orders.


Increasing revenue by redefining the customer experience


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