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Survive and Thrive: Greg Dixon

Podcast Series in the age of COVID-19

Marcello Gortana

Happy Tuesday!

We’re kicking off the week with our new podcast and interview series.

By now you’ve heard a lot about our plans to start using this current scenario we are all going through to dig into some insights, learnings, and creativity organizations are leveraging in order to thrive through this current environment.

Our first interview is with Gregory Dixon, Director of Business Development at Sentient HR Services which is part of the Foray Group of businesses, a holding group focused primarily on the childcare industry.

We discuss some of the challenges sentient is facing when their industry practically disappeared overnight due to social distancing.

We discuss some of the challenges, opportunities, and unique strategies Greg and Sentient are deploying to keep moving forward.

Podcast link below:

If you like video, link below:

Over the next week we will be releasing a summary document from a transcript.

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Survive and Thrive in these Interesting Times

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